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Educating Girls    
SBS students work in one of the computer labs.

Research shows that girls learn differently than boys, but what does that look like in the classroom? Our faculty teach collaborative skills while encouraging healthy competition. According to a recent study by the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools, girls are more willing to pursue math and science in a girls’ school. Our challenging and supportive learning environment encourages appropriate risk-taking by providing a safe space for making mistakes.

Students describe Stoneleigh-Burnham teachers as “dedicated and compassionate” and say that the help teachers give them, both in the classroom and informally outside class, makes all the difference. As one student puts it, “The size of Stoneleigh-Burnham allows for lots of one-on-one attention and the extra push you sometimes need to succeed and be your best.” Teachers are readily available to help you with academic or personal matters during free periods, evening study halls, and on the residence halls. You will work closely with your faculty advisor, who meets regularly with you and assists you in defining an academic plan and goals for college.

Since 1869 families have chosen Stoneleigh-Burnham School to prepare their daughters for an intellectual life in college and beyond. Unlike other institutions which began as finishing schools, Stoneleigh-Burnham School has always focused on teaching young women in ways that nurture the unique qualities of each individual. At Stoneleigh-Burnham School “each student is challenged to discover her best self and graduate with the confidence to think independently and act ethically, secure in the knowledge that her voice will be heard.”

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