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Fall Term Honor Roll

Stoneleigh-Burnham School has announced the Fall Trimester Honor Roll. Dean of Academics Alex Bogel recognized students earning Highest Honors, High Honors, and Honors during Housemeeting on Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2017.

At the invitation of Student Council, Jacob Steward, English Department Chair, delivered remarks at the assembly. Read his remarks on our school blog.

The list of Fall Trimester Honor Roll recipients is as follows:

Highest Honors
Sophie Hathaway – 12
Ira Hysi – 10
Francelyse Frannie Joseph – 12
Katharine Kate Kowalyshyn – 10
Erin LeBlanc – 11
Luna Patience – 10
Sofia Sherman – 10
Yongyi Edith Wang – 11
Yuemeng Monica Wu – 9
Yuyan Una Wu – 9
Lan Ze Hang Lillian Ying – 12

High Honors
Olamiposi Olly Ajao – 9
Nadya Baum – 10
Nora Broady – 10
Beatrice Brynda – 10
Lingquan Crystal Cheng – 10
Isabela Cusano – 11
Yike Dina Ding – 9
Teresa Lee Dowd-Hurlburt – 9
Fiona Hodges – 9
Avdeep Kaur – 9
Jacqueline Kennick – 11
Kayun Charlotte Kim – 11
Ye Eun Kim – 12
Elizabeth LaValley – 12
Windsor Leonard – 11
Zijiao Monica Li – 9
Eden Lifshatz – 11
Huhua Nana Liu – 12
Tingyin Stephanie Liu – 10
Ziqing Kira Lu – 10
Nikita Nikki Mangaru – 10
Rosa Newshore – 9
Tiantian Ryan Qi – 11
Anni Richard – 10
Sebastian Roberts – 9
Yue Claire Su – 10
Yijia Shelyn Sui – 10
Sonia Talwar – 9
Julia Thayer – 12
Serafina Walker – 9
Syd Wallace – 11
Ruofan Cynthia Wang – 11
Jinying Helen Xie – 9
Yuling Linda Yang – 10
Olivia Young – 11
Chenying Aurola Zhang – 11
Lexin Lexi Zhang – 9
Wenzhen Joanna Zhang – 12
Jiayi Zhao – 11
Yue Juliet Zhu – 9

Ashorkor Ashittey – 11
Yeon Woo Rachel Cho – 9
Eileen Collins – 10
Miles DeClue – 12
Paula Garzaro Flores – 10
Annalie Gilbert Keith – 12
Wenxi Sissi Hao – 9
Carolin Jenkner – 10
Amelie Kley – 10
Thoselia Tiaa Kuffour – 10
Ember Larregui – 12
Joy Lundberg – 10
Sadie Nes Mager – 10
Sarah Aster Marks – 10
Jacqueline Jax Morgan – 11
Mia Mullings – 10
Sophie Reitz – 10
Clara Richardson-Omamo – 12
Emma Risch – 10
Annamaria Robles Fumarola – 11
Jizziyah Skelly – 9
Yixuan Camillia Sun – 11
Siri Sundaraneedi – 12
Shuchang Sophia Wan – 11
Jingyao Sylvia Yu – 11

Debaters Gain Experience at Tournament

Bea Brynda, Joy Lundberg, Nes Mager, and Syd Wallace

Five Stoneleigh-Burnham students traveled to a parliamentary extemporaneous debate tournament at Buckingham Browne and Nichols School in Cambridge, MA on Sunday, Dec. 3.

The Stoneleigh-Burnham Debate and Public Speaking Society sent four competitors, Joy Lundberg ’20, Syd Wallace ’19, Bea Brynda ’20, and Nes Major ’20, and one observer, Aurola Zhang ’21, to the tournament.

Joy and Nes tied with Milton Academy for third place overall in the Novice Division. They were undefeated, beating three other teams. In all three rounds, Joy earned the top speaker spot, and in two of those rounds, Nes placed second.  Syd and Bea had some difficult rounds, but had fun.

Fall Team Night Awards

Stoneleigh-Burnham School celebrated Team Night on Monday, Nov. 13 to celebrate student athletes and mark the end of the fall athletics season. The following awards were presented:

Advanced Dance
Most Improved Dancer: Xiandong (Alice) Lin
Effort and Enthusiasm Award: Ira Hysi

Beginner/Intermediate Dance
Most Improved Dancer: Jinying (Helen) Xie
Effort/Enthusiasm: Yue (Juliet) Zhu

Varsity Soccer
Player of the Year: Grace Grover
Coaches Award: Olivia Young
Most Improved Player: Ferima Islamyate

Cross Country
Most Valuable Runner: Carolin Jenker
Most Improved Runner: Aurola Zhang

Varsity Volleyball
Player of the Year: Clara Richardson-Omamo
Most Improved Player: Sylvie Yu
Sportsmanship Award: Nikki Mangaru

JV Volleyball
Most Improved Player: Shelyn Sui
Coaches’ Award: Julia Shulman

Recreational Tennis
Player of the Year: Edith Wang

SBS Meets Senator Elizabeth Warren

By Shawn Durrett

Senator Elizabeth Warren and Dean of Faculty Shawn Durrett.

Chair of the History Department Karen Pleasant took a dozen SBS students, both domestic and international, to see U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts speak at a “town hall” event in Greenfield on Sunday, Nov. 12. Also in attendance were many other SBS faculty, staff, and administrators, as well as other day students who attended the event with their families.

Sophie Reitz ’20, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Joy Lundberg ’20.

Dean of Faculty Shawn Durrett was among the few lucky people who got to ask Senator Warren a question (chosen by random lottery). Durrett asked for Senator Warren’s commentary on the default response that often follows mass shootings (“Now is not the time to talk about gun control”) and also asked or pointers on how residents of progressive states can most effectively participate in the fight for gun control.

Student Katie Reed, who was working on a persuasive speech about gun control for her Rhetoric class, was pleased to discover that she and Senator Warren agree with each other on many points.

Today is the right day to talk about gun control,” Senator Warren passionately told the crowd.

Syd Wallace ’19 with Senator Elizabeth Warren.

While waiting in line for a photo with Senator Warren, a group of SBS 10th and 11th graders wrote her a note, essentially thanking her for her hard work and for being a strong female role model. The senator loved their note, eagerly posing with it and the students before tucking it into her blazer pocket.

SBS faculty were happy but not surprised to see this spirit of civic engagement, curiosity, and enthusiasm in the students who attended the event. It should be noted that civic engagement is very much alive among SBS employees as well, many of whom serve their local town government and public schools.


IEA Show Results

Stoneleigh-Burnham School hosted an Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) Show on Saturday, Nov. 11. The SBS team earned 4th place overall, and Clem Silvain ’19 earned the Sportsmanship Award. Here are the rest of the results:

Jacqueline (Jax) Morgan ’19: 2nd over fences, 2nd on the flat
Clem Silvain ’19: 3rd over fences, 4th on the flat
Khaki Warford ’18: 5th over fences, 6th on the flat

Gwen Healy ’19: 5th over fences, 1st on the flat
Payton Lawrence (community rider): 1st on the flat
Anni Richard ’20: 1st fences, 6th flat
Jaelyn Stetson (community rider): 1st fences

Payton Lawrence (community rider): 3rd over fences
Cynthia Wang ’19: 4th over fences
Ella Mackenzie (community rider): 5th over fences
Kate Kowalyshyn ’20: 2nd over fences, 1st on the flat
Isabela Cusano ’19: 1st over fences, 5th on the flat

Nina Kauderer ’20: 2nd on the flat

Ruby Miller ’23: 4th over fences, 2nd on the flat

SBS Runners Participate in Clarkdale Cider 12K Race

By Andrea Tehan Carnes

Three Stoneleigh-Burnham varsity cross country athletes decided to extend the regular season by a week and a half in order to keep training for a race much different in length and feel than their usual 5K trail races. Typically, 5K trail races are fast and furious, and contain a lot of hills and running surfaces that are soft, rocky or full of roots. The Clarkdale 12K in Deerfield, MA was on roads, and as it was a longer distance, the pace was a bit slower. SBS runners trained on a lot of hills and did long runs each week during the cross country season in order to increase their endurance and stamina in a way that got them in awesome shape for the 5K, but also lent itself nicely to be able to be competitive and enjoy the 12K distance.

L to R: Rosa Newshore ’21, Carolin Jenkner ’20, Beatrice Brynda ’20, Karen Pleasent, and Andrea Tehan Carnes

Carolin Jenkner ’20 crossed the finish line in 1:01:59. Beatrice Brynda ’20 completed the distance in 1:04:26. Rosa Newshore ’21 finished in 1:16:57. Cross Country Coach Andrea Tehan Carnes failed to chase Rosa down, and finished with a time of 1:17:16, and SBS teacher Karen Pleasant was right behind her with a time of 1:18:31.

It was a a great day for everyone. All three students won age group awards and took home a jar of homemade jelly of their choice. Andrea, having spent most of her spare time coaching instead of running, took home a t-shirt, and Karen beat her most recent time on the course by more than eight and a half minutes. Both Andrea and fellow cross country coach Nick Roosa said they are especially proud of SBS student runners for training for and competing in a distance that seemed out of reach to even other cross country runners.


Novice Debaters Compete at Hotchkiss

Members of the Stoneleigh-Burnham Debate and Public Speaking Society competed in a Parliamentary Debate Tournament at The Hotchkiss School on Sunday, November 5, 2017.

Four novice SBS debaters competed in pairs. Sophie Reitz ’20 competed with Jackie Kennick ’19, and Annamaria Robles ’19 competed with Ira Hysi ’20. In their last round, Annamaria and Ira were ranked #1 and #2 in speakers in the room, and they won their round.

In addition to the four students who competed, four other SBS students attended the competition as observers to learn about Parliamentary Extemporaneous debating.

L to R: Sophie Reitz, Mia Mullings, MJ Campos, Olly Ajao, Ira Hysi, Annamaria Robles, Monica Wu, and Jackie Kennick.

SBS Hosts IEA Show

Stoneleigh-Burnham School hosted an Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) Show on Saturday, Oct. 28. Here are the results:

Khaki Warford ’18 – 5th fences 6th flat
Clem Silvain ’19 – 2nd flat, 6th flat
Anni Richard ’20 – 3rd fences, 6th flat
Gwen Healy ’19 – 5th over fences
Danielle Gore ’20 – 3rd over fences
Sonia Talwar ’21 – 5th flat
Jaelynn Stetson (community rider) – 4th fences, 4th flat

Kate Kowalyshyn ’20 – 4th over fences, 4th on the flat
Cynthia Wang ’19 – 1st over fences, 1st on the flat
Isabela Cusano ’19 – 5th over fences, 1st on the flat
Ella Mackenzie (community rider) – 5th over fences and 6th flat
Payton Lawrence (community rider) – 3rd over fences and 1st flat

Windsor Leonard ’19 – 6th Walk Trot Canter

Ruby Miller ’23 – 2nd flat, 2nd over fences
Noelle Burke ’22 – 4th in future novice fences

The IEA team expressed its thanks to everyone who helped with the show. Learn more about IEA here.

Julia Thayer ’18 Earns Berth to World Debate Competition

Julia Thayer ’18

Julia Thayer ’18 has qualified for the World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championship, making her the second Stoneleigh-Burnham School student this school year to earn a berth on the U.S. Team. Up to two students per school can qualify.

Thayer qualified for the world competition during the International Independent Schools’ Competition (IISPSC) held Oct. 26-29 in Winnipeg, Canada. She joins Sophie Hathaway ’18 who previously qualified for the World Individual Debating and Public Speaking Championship. The competition will be held in Cape Town, South Africa next spring. Last year, Hathaway also participated in the world competition, which was held in Sydney, Australia Read more about her experience here.

The following are the full results from IISPSC:

Hathaway made finals in two of her four events. She earned 12th out of 49 in Impromptu Speaking, 8th in After-Dinner Speech, and 9th in Dramatic Interpretation.

Thayer placed 19th in After-Dinner Speech, 18th in Radio Newscast, and 13th out of 58 in Interpretive Reading

Jacquline (Jax) Morgan ’19 placed 21st in After-Dinner and 28th out of 58 in Interpretive Reading.

SBS Students Join Rays of Hope Walk

Rachel Cho ’21, Avdeep Kaur ’21, Una Wu ’21, Aurola Zhang ’21, Monica Wu ’21, Karen Pleasant, Sylvie Yu ’19, Fiona Hodges ’21. Not pictured, Edith Wang ’19.

On Sunday, Oct 22, eight students traveled to Springfield, MA with faculty members Tod and Karen Pleasant to participate in the annual Rays of Hope Walk that raises money and awareness for breast cancer. Started in 1994, the walk originally drew 500 people. On this past Sunday more than 20,000 participated!

The 5-mile walk included a tour of Forest Park and lovely neighborhoods in Longmeadow. Walkers were treated to more than a dozen musical acts and numerous snack and water stations. SBS students wore pink and walked, danced, and sang their way through the miles. SBS donated $50 to the Rays of Hope foundation and our community looks forward to raising more money and to participating in the event next year.

In addition, the Community Service Club is planning its own walk on Monday, Oct. 30 in celebration of the Rays of Hope walk and to mark breast cancer awareness month. For a one dollar donation, students can dress down in pink for the day and join in solidarity to walk the road around the SBS campus. All funds raised will go to the Rays of Hope foundation.