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Faculty & Staff

Ally Bryant

Assistant Athletic Director, Science Teacher

Department: Athletics, Houseparents, Middle School, Science

Phone: 413.774.2711 x233


Becky Dame

Head Coach Varsity Softball

Department: Athletics, Varsity Softball

Stoneleigh-Burnham faculty Fiori

Diana Fiori

Spanish Teacher, Assistant Coach JV Volleyball

Department: Athletics, JV Volleyball, Languages, Middle School

Phone: 413.774.2711


Patrick Garland

Head Varsity Basketball Coach

Department: Athletics, Varsity Basketball

Phone: 413.774.2711

Melissa Gerry

Head Coach JV Volleyball

Department: Athletics, JV Volleyball

Sara Gibbons

Chair of the Visual Art Department, 12th Grade Dean

Department: Athletics, Houseparents, JV Volleyball, Middle School, Summer Programs, Visual Art

Phone: 413.774.2711 x315


Scott Gray

Math Teacher, Head Coach Varsity Soccer

Department: Athletics, Mathematics, Varsity Soccer

Phone: 413.774.2711

Alex Loud

History Teacher, Assistant Coach Varsity Soccer

Department: Athletics, History, Varsity Soccer

Phone: 413-774-2711


Lisa Moore

Head Coach, Varsity Volleyball and Varsity Tennis

Department: Athletics, Varsity Tennis, Varsity Volleyball


Celine Nader

English teacher, Assistant Coach Varsity Volleyball

Department: Athletics, English, Varsity Volleyball

Phone: 413.774.2711

Nick Roosa

Chemistry Teacher, Assistant Coach Cross Country

Department: Athletics, Houseparents, Science, Varsity Cross Country

Jacob Steward

English Department Chair, Co-Head of Debate and Public Speaking Society

Department: Athletics, Debate & Public Speaking, Debate and Public Speaking Society, English, JV Basketball

Phone: 413.774.2711 x226


Andrea Tehan Carnes

Middle School Math & Science Teacher, Head Coach Cross Country

Department: Athletics, Houseparents, Mathematics, Middle School, Science, Summer Programs, Varsity Cross Country

Phone: 413.774.2711 x323


Emily Williams

Interim Athletic Trainer

Department: Athletics

Phone: 413-325-1244