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The Leadership Council includes alumnae, parents, and grandparents, all of whom have demonstrated great interest in helping the School meet its strategic goals.

Each Council member has also committed to:

  • Staying informed by reviewing marketing and communications materials, remaining informed about issues being discussed by the Council and providing generative feedback;
  • Acting as ambassadors to create new or renewed connections with fellow alumnae, parents, and outside organizations;
  • Supporting the mission of the Bridge Fund and Annual Fund at a Leadership Gift level ($1,000+); and
  • Playing a leadership role in fundraising efforts to help propel Stoneleigh-Burnham School into a robust 21st century school.

SBS Leadership Council Members:

Betty Stout ’61 B
Barbie Deisroth ’64 B
Gioia Browne ’69
Darcy McCormick Tarbell ’70 and Hank Tarbell
Denise Bruner ’70
Megan Cunningham Ferguson ’00
Sara Jane Greenblott Gould ’81
Bridget O’Brien ’82
Laura Richards ’60
Travis Stewart ’88
Michelle Hanney ’89
Andrea Dougherty O’Naghten ’89
Tamar Cooke Luck ’90
Kilian Tracy Ollison ’97
Rebecca Plough ’98
Anne Echeverria P ’98
Tom Echeverria P ’98
Flaxie Roberspm Fletcher ’68
Peter Buttenheim GP ’15 ex-officio
Frances Buttenheim GP ’15 ex-officio