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Honor Roll of Parent Donors and Volunteers 2016-2017 as of April 25, 2017

Well done, SBS Parents! Your hard work and donations this year have helped students learn and grow. If you would like to make a gift for the Annual Fund, the Equestrian Center Expansion, or the Fitness Center Additions, please contact the Development Office at 413-774-2711 or make your gift online. Thank you for generously giving your time, talent, and treasure to advance the mission of Stoneleigh-Burnham School.

Parent Donors 2016-2017
The Ajao Family P ’21
Ms. Nicole Cusano and Mr. Rich Andrew P ’19
Mr. and Mrs. Nii Amarh Ashittey P ’19
Ms. Catharine Steadman and Mr. Stephen Ball P ’19
Ms. Nicola Bennett P ’20
Ms. Amy Beth P ’20
Dr. and Ms. Mark Broady P ’20, ’22
Michelle ’84 and Rich Brynda P ’20
Ms. Vaidehi Budhai P ’20
Mrs. Heather Byrne P ’17
Ms. Elizabeth Byrne and Mr. Mark Spencer P ’22
Ms. Kimberlee Christenson P ’22
Mr. Carl Christenson P ’22
The Collins Family P ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Todd A. Day P ’21
Ms. Dennese Ellison and Mr. Patroy Ellison P ’22
Dr. John Frangie and Mrs. Jennifer Frangie P ’20
The Galperin Family P ’17
Ms. Siri Goldberg P ’20
Mr. and Ms. Patrick Healy P ’19
The Holland Family P ’19
Ms. Angela Hoyte
Curt and Kelly Hudson P ’17, ’18
Kathleen C. Hughes P ’20
Ms. Polikseni Hysi and Mr. Genci Hysi P ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Karkos P ’17
Mr. Neal Katz and Ms. Karen Subritzky P ’17
Mr. William Swasey and Mrs. Kimberly Keefe Swasey P ’21
Mr. and Ms. Won Sam Kim P ’19, ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Leeds P ’18, ’22
Mr. Per Lofving and Ms. Martha Evans P ’20
Mr. and Ms. Jonathan Lowe P ’21
Mr. and Ms. David Mager P ’20
Kimberley and Charles Malcolm P ’22
Jordan and Laura Marks P ’20
The Merullo Family P ’16, ’19
Ms. Alyson L. Montgomery P ’21
Mr. and Ms. Robert Morgan P ’19
Ms. Erika Musselman and Mr. Daniel Robertson P ’22
Mr. Gary Newcomb and Ms. Jodi Falk P ’21
Ms. Amy Newshore P ’21
Mr. and Mrs. John Nordell P ’17
Ms. Emily Nyindodo-Evans P ’17
Ms. Miriam Przybyla-Baum and Mr. Scott Baum P ’20, ’22
Mr. and Ms. Thomas Reed P ’20
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reitz P ’20
Dr. Cheryl Richardson and Mr. Steven Omamo P ’18
Ms. Michelle Risch P ’20
Mr. and Ms. Jon Roberts P ’21
Mr. Wesley Rosner P ’22
Mr. Matan Rubinstein and Ms. Suzanne Rubinstein P ’22
Mr. Habibou Salami and Ms. Mariame Soumahoro P ’19
Ms. Ximena Sagara Sanchez-Reinoso P ’20
Mr. Bruce Scott and Ms. Beth Lux P ’21
Ms. Susan Bulda Shulman ’84, P ’22
Mr. Francois Silvain and Ms. Natacha Gassenbach  P ’19
Ms. Lynn and Mr. Allan Stewart P ’21
Ms. Catherine Stryker P ’17
Dr. John Thayer and Dr. Nathalie Rioux P ’18
Mr. and Ms. Raja Sekhar Tummla P ’17
Ms. Meredith Twombly P ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Vogel P ’17
Dr. and Ms. Walker-Goncalves P ’21
Ms. Tricia Wells P ’22
Mr. and Ms. Gary Wilhelm P ’19
Sheila and Andrew Winter P ’22
Mr. Lingfeng Ying and Ms. Feng Zhang P ’18

Parent Volunteers 2016-2017
Yetunde Ajao P ’21
Stephen Ball and Catharine Steadman P ’19
Scott Baum and Miriam Pryzbula-Baum P ’20, ’22
Michelle Savage Brynda ’84 and Rich Brynda P ’20
Charles Collins and Ruth Ann Collins P ’20
Jennifer Crocker and Matt Crocker P ’22
Nicole Cusano P ’19
Jessica Day P ’21
Deborah Doulette P ’21
Martha Evans and Per Lofving P ’20
Andres Galperin and Denise Galperin P ’17
David Gilbert Keith and Jane Gilbert Keith P ’18
Siri Goldberg P ’20
Nathalie Guilbeault P ’17
Rebecca Healy P ’19
Sandra Hodges and Thomas Hodges P ’21
Ian Jamieson and Tara Jamieson P ’20
Leslie Karkos and Michael Karkos P ’17
Carol LaValley P ’18
Frank Li and Haijing Zhang P ’17
Natasha Lowe P ’21
Judy Lundberg and Kenny Lundberg P ’20
Beth Lux P ’21
Deborah Mager P ’20
Kim Malcolm P ’22
Tracy Marino p ’21
Jordan Marks and Laura Marks P ’20
Amanda Merullo and Roland Merullo P ’19
Alyson Montgomery P ’21
Kate Morgan P ’19
Erika Musselman P ’22
Amy Newshore P ’21
Betsy Nordell and John Nordell P ’17
Cheryl Richardson P ’18
Nathalie Rioux P ’18
Rachel Roberts P ’21
Suzanne Rubinstein P ’22
Michael Shulman P ’22
Lynn Stewart P ’21
Kim Keefe Swasey P ’21
Carrie Timberlake P ’20,’22
Javier Valenzuela and Lorena Gaxiola P ’21
Vajra Vogel P ’17
Alexander Von Plinsky and Brenda Von Plinsky P ’19
Kimberly Walker-Goncalves P ’21
Christine Wallace P ’19
Bruce Wang and Lena Yuan P ’21
Zhentai Wang and Weilun Chen P ’19
Amy Wilhelm and Gary Wilhelm P ’19
Sheila Winter P ’22
Barnaby Young and Leigh Young P ’19
Feng Zhang P ’18
Zhihao Zhang and Limin Ye P ’18
Wayne Zhao and Junchao Zhang P ’17