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Intersections: Timeline

Friday, May 18, 2018. All times Eastern time. more →

Intersections: Days of Future Past

(Apparently, this title I thought was so creative has already been used by the X-Men. Credit to them for thinking of it first!) It’s the time of year when my timelines fill up with people beginning to solicit and/or offer advice on “Ho... more →

Intersections: “Raising Caring and Happy Children in a Challenging Time”

Dr. Richard Weissbourd opened his talk on “Raising Caring and Happy Children in a Challenging Time” by stating his primary worry is how we’ve elevated happiness and success and de-emphasized caring and empathy. When students were asked ... more →

Intersections: GLSEN Massachusetts Spring Conference 2018

Of course there was a point on the ride out to Boston where the kids were singing show tunes. How could there not be?! Singing “We raise a glass...” from “La Vie Bohème” at the top of their lungs, they all clinked their Dunkin’ Donut cu... more →