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Intersections: #MeToo

The thing about viral campaigns on social media is that, while it can be argued they may raise awareness to some degree, they can also make it possible to feel good about doing something without actually doing anything of major signific... more →

Intersections: Through Another Set of eyes

When you see the world through another set of eyes, it's a more beautiful place. - Melody Brook I had a good fortune to attend the Translating Identity Conference on Saturday, October 14 at the University of Vermont. As the website say... more →

Intersections: Beyond the Fear

A few weeks ago, Nola-Rae Cronan of the Columbus School of Girls sent out an email that began: I hope this finds you well. In honor of the International Day of the Girl, my students will be hosting several Hangouts to connect girls aro... more →


Seventh graders in the Humanities 7 class have free-choice "independent writing" every week. Eleanor has agreed to share this lovely piece on the blog.   Smooth stones dotted the shoreline as th... more →