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Summer at Stoneleigh-Burnham

Tinker Camp

July 2 – 7, 2017
Overnight summer camp for girls in grades 7 – 10.

Tinker Camp is an exciting new summer program that advances girls’ interest in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Science) via the hands-on excitement of Maker projects. Campers will dig into immersive challenges that aim to stretch their imaginations, develop teamwork, and reward a problem-solving mindset.

Each day, girls will participate in multiple projects – both quick challenges aimed at sparking creativity and problem solving on the fly, and larger daily projects that reward research, teamwork, and culminate in group presentations at the day’s end.

Students will experience:

  • Two to three daily projects – sometimes practical, other times just for fun
  • Teambuilding activities that help us relax with one another and develop positive group dynamics
  • An introduction to engineering design and the art of “making”
  • Woodworking with a local digital fabrication expert at his shop, demonstrating CNC machining and computer aided design
  • Computer coding
  • Use of 3d printers and accompanying design software
  • Practical DIY science and art projects to take home, reuse, and show off!

About Our Faculty:

The week is led by SBS STEAM Coordinator and Science Teacher Andrea Tehan-Carnes. Andrea has been with Stoneleigh-Burnham since 2011. She has headed our Skills Office, teaches Math and Science, coaches the Cross Country team, and serves as a Middle School Dorm Parent.

Eric Schimelpfenig is a digital fabrication expert and the owner of and DigitallyFabbed, a fabrication and design shop in Greenfield. Eric worked with Google and Trimble on the development of the Sketchup platform. He is a nationally known trainer, speaker, and writer, and a houseparent at Stoneleigh-Burnham.